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November 19 2017

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Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself.
— Unknown
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November 17 2017

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November 16 2017


November 14 2017

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Nigdy nie zwyciężysz wroga, którego twoja wyobraźnia uczyniła niepokonanym.
— Jacek Piekara
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November 11 2017


November 09 2017

Związek z odpowiednią osobą to wolność, a nie ograniczenie.
— Beau Taplin
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November 06 2017

November 05 2017

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“We are more than a bit concerned with the Benihana egg trick called for in the script. I’ve tried it and can only get it 1 out of 4 tries, and I’ve seen Benihana chefs flub the manoeuver when they have an entire grill as target. Mads has to crack his eggs into a 8-inch diameter skillet. The props Master calls his guy. The Production Manager calls in his guy. I call my guy. On the morning of the shoot we have 8 dozen eggs and 3 Japanese chefs with their hands made up to be hand doubles.

 I guess I don’t have to tell you that when Mads arrives on set, he just tosses an egg up in the air and the egg breaks on the spatula. No problem. Unbelievable. I insist it was a lucky fluke but he does it again. I accuse him of practicing when I wasn’t looking but he laughs (as if he has time to practise egg-cracking between scenes) and tells me he was a juggler in his youth.”

And here we all thought we’d have a million outtakes of Mads flubbing the egg trick…

What the hell kind of test tube did this man walk out of?

i think i finally understand what kojima sees in him

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